Tattoo Removal 50-75% faster than laser. Natural saline based solution
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Natural Tattoo Removal Saline based solution

 or lighten for a coverup   


Non laser tattoo Removal , permanent makeup removal,  Inland Empire, Upland , Claremont , Rancho Cucamonga,Ontario ...



Inked Regret specializes in ALL NATURAL 
Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Vanish system

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Dr tatt off has closed all its locations. 
Inked regret has been named as a referral for tattoo removal for them. 
Inked Regret is not affiliated w/ Dr tatt off in any way. 
Inked Regret will work with their patients and help take the sting out of any losses but can not honor any deals made with dr tatt off.

 Consultations are free please come in for tattoo evaluation and we can go over your options. 

 Tattoo Removal
Permanent makeup removal
Tattoo lightening for better


sessions start at $100 pricing may vary call for an appointment


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Inked Regret offers an alternative to laser tattoo removal and harmful 
saline solutions that contain chemicals and acids.  

Inked regret uses an natural system and Works for all tattoos and all colors! 

A Non laser tattoo removal system that is non toxic and up to 50-75% faster than laser, and works on all skins tones.

The Procedure starts as if you were getting a tattoo, with a tattoo machine using lidocaine making it less uncomfortable then when you received the tattoo. After the skin is porous the saline base solution is applied . Along with the natural herbs such as lemon oil, chamomile extract ( natural anti-viral , anti inflammatory agents) works with your body to form a scab. Approximately 10-14 days later the scab falls off,  along with a layer of ink from your tattoo.

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