Tattoo Removal 50-75% faster than laser , all natural    
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Natural Tattoo Removal  


tattoo Removal all natural 50-75% faster than laser



Inked Regret specializes in ALL NATURAL 
Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Vanish Certified

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  Tattoo Removal ! 
$95 square per inch regular price $150 per sq inch
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Inked Regret offers an alternative to tattoo removal. No harmful Laser, no acid or chemicals used.  

Works for all tattoos and all colors! 

Ideal for permanent make-up removal!

   Tattoo Vanish is an non laser tattoo removal system all natural, non toxic, 50-75% faster than laser and removes all colors.

The Procedure starts as if you were getting a tattoo, with a tattoo machine using lidocaine making it less uncomfortable then when you received the tattoo. After the skin is porous the saline base solution is applied . Along with the natural herbs such as lemon oil, chamomile extract ( natural anti-viral , anti inflammatory agents) works with your body to form a scab. Approximately 10-14 days later the scab falls off,  along with the ink from your tattoo.

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